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Terms and Conditions

1. Every Guest, for the sole fact of contracting hotel lodging and services, accepts these regulations and remains subject to it, considering such as the contract of services to abide by.

2. The Guest is obliged to personally be recorded in the registry card, in case of a group previously contracted, its representative has the obligations to record them, and the Hotel has the faculty to reserve the right of admission if any Guest does not comply with the recording and is also able to require the solicitant ID and of those accompanying him.

3. The Guest must specify in the registry card the number of nights to be lodged in the Hotel; it is considered as unit of time the one specified in the lodging contract as one day which expiry will be set at the 12th hour of each day. It will be construed as a full day when the occupancy is in effect before the 6th hour, in case of omission of the duration of the lodging, it will be construed as contracted for one day only, and the subsequent stays will be voluntary extensions of 24 hours, each time, the Hotel being able to terminate the lodging at any moment, prior notice to the Guest, regarding the convened lodging, the foregoing will be applied at the end of the contracted lodging. The Guest obliges to dully pay the amount of the account caused to the Hotel when required by it, the Hotel has the faculty to require the advanced payment to the Guest and the latter may guaranty such by signing a Boucher of a credit card accepted by the Hotel, the Guest vacating the room after the 13th hour is obliged to cover the lodging fee corresponding to another day, being a cause of rescinding of the lodging service the lack of payment of the same.

4. It is forbidden for Guests to nail or place images or objects on the walls, light res in terraces or rooms, possess substances that for their fetor or easy rotting annoy the reminder of the Guests of the premises, it is forbidden to obstruct balconies or corridors, in its case, with bundles or clothing.

5. The Hotel is not liable for valuables not deposited in the security box found in the closet of the room.

6. It is forbidden for the Guest and is cause of rescinding the service:
a. Make noises, provoke riots, introduce musicians, bring animals and carry on with any act that may annoy the other Guests.
b. Utilize the rooms for legally banned gambling games or breach the laws or regulations.
c. Use electricity or mechanical equipment installed in the room for purposes other than those they were set for, as well to use electro domestic devices that may cause short circuits or fire.
d. Damage to furniture, the decor or harm the assets of the Hotel.
e. Perform acts that may cause damages or harms to the Hotel or to the Guests contrary to the laws and good costumes.
f. The use of braziers and/or grills gas, charcoal or electric inside the rooms or terraces.
g. The Guest breaching any of the signaled prohibitions shall lose the right to any reductions in its lodging debts, besides obliges to the payment for damages or harms caused by him.

7. For esthetical reasons, it is forbidden to hang clothes or towels in the rails of the terraces of the rooms.

8. Every Guest, when leaving the room has the obligation to leave the water faucets closed, as the entry doors and Windows, turn the lights off, as well as to return the room keys to the Administration, in case of reckless loosing or damage caused to them, their value will be charged to the client.

9. The luggage and else goods introduced by the Guest to the Hotel are considered of its property and shall answer preferably for the encumbrances for the concept of lodging, complimentary services and other consumptions caused by the Guest, these goods may be retained in pledge by the Hotel according to Article 5 of these regulations and after 30 days of the date the account was due, may execute the pledge.

10. The Hotel does not authorize the access to persons not expressly authorized by the Guest and reserves the right of admittance to the occupied rooms of other people ́s visits. The representatives of the Hotel rendering their services inherent to lodging, has free access to the occupied rooms in case the Guest is absent for more than 24 hours with no prior notice to the Hotel; according to previous article, this may rescind the contract and may withhold the luggage unless that the real value of the luggage doesn ́t guaranty the amount of the debt, if it does, the representatives of the Hotel may wait and proceed after 72 hours of the guest absence.

11. The pool area in the hotel and gym are exclusive for registered guests. In case you have extra company, they could use the Beach Club area paying the asignated fee. Restaurant EMBARCADERO COCINA + BAR is part of the hotel but it’s open to public.

12. The Restaurant and Hotel Services are mainly for the attention and use of its Guests, who may have visits, giving preference over any other client that is not a Guest, the commercial stores found outside the building have their own administration and the Hotel is not responsible for their handling. The swimming pool is for the use of the Guests of the Hotel. Proper vestments are to be used to transit the hallways or walk through the Restaurant or Hotel services.

13. The Hotel is not liable for valuables not deposited in the security box found in the closet of the room.